2018 Blue Crab Status


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Steamed crabs for a light snack
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Last night I attended the Shellfish advisory committee meeting.  There were several topics including how the blue crab harvest will be for 2018.  Trawl surveys are done on juvenile crabs to do counts to get an idea of the amount of crabs we should see in 2018.  This allows DNREC to set the quota for commercial watermen.  This is only done in the Delaware Bay.  The survey is done on twenty-six “stations” along the bay coast from Collins Beach to Fowlers Beach.  Right now the crab population for the Delaware Bay looks good.  Some are a little worried about the ice for the larger crabs,but the juveniles should be fine.  The young of year (YOY) has been above the mean three years in a row.  We dropped a bit since 2015, but not that much to be noticed.  In 2018 Delaware Bay commercial crabbers will be able to pull 3.75 million pounds of blue crabs.  These surveys are not done for the inland bays.  In 2015 the inland bays iced over like they are now and it didn’t seem to affect the crabbing.  We will see how that turns out this summer.

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