10 Things We Are Not Dealing With Right Now

10 Things We Are Not Dealing With Right Now
Fish Gut Friday … Suzanne Martin

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Rehoboth beach this morning on the webcam is as close as I can get to the beach right now.

Seems like the main subject of everyone’s conversation these days is the cold polar cyclone hell mess the whole east coast is experiencing this past week.  Everywhere you look, people are just trying to keep up with what mother nature has been dishing out.  Trying to keep pipes from freezing, digging out from the storm,  just trying to get home some days is a challenge. The ice in the canal has caused headaches for some boat Captains also , fortunately for the UD boat, the Top Fin, and the Lil Angler 2 , they were pulled on Wed.

      My intention here is not to belly ache about the weather,  it does not change the fact we are in Jan, and might have a haul yet till warmer temps and bait fish return. So here are 10 things we are NOT dealing with now….
      1) Parking meters in Rehoboth or Lewes. Right now you could most likely find plenty of parking ?
        2) Finding a free table or bar stool on the outside deck at Irish Eyes in Lewes during Happy Hour. .
         3) Burning your feet on hot sand while trying to unload fishing gear. (notice how I say “fishing gear “, and not “corn hole”)
        4) Ice melting too fast in the cooler and soaking your sub. ( when I was a kid, my dad always put subs wrapped in paper on ice, so a soggy sub is normal to me ,but only when fishing)
         5) Forgetting your bait cooler in the back of your truck in the heat ( I don’t do this,  but you all know who you are)?
          6) long lines at the air station  ( if you can find them under the snow drifts)?
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          7)Ferry traffic and trying to get back and forth from Cape  ( because it’s so damned cold, even the ferry has temporarily shut down!)
          8) your AC breaking
           9) A line at your favorite bait shop or boat ramp.
           10) Finding a parking spot on the beach, and someone in your fishing spot.
           Let’s all keep perspective  and remember the warmer months of the year, like anything above freezing would do at this point.  The only good place for ice is in a cup, with coconut rum, or some gin!
Stay safe, and warm, and most importantly….THINK SPRING!!
Suzanne Martin

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