You Can Still Stop The Rehoboth Wastewater Outfall Project But Time Is Short

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What we may as well be doing to our beaches if this outfall is built … photo from Surfrider Foundation.

Press Release from Surfrider foundation.  The T shirt is our design and will be out in 2 weeks.

From our Friends at MERR:

Dear Members,

It has come to our attention that there is a rapid push to get the DNREC permits approved for the Rehoboth Outfall before acting Secretary Small steps down -this action is expected to occur within the next day or two.  The Governor is the only one who can stop this.  If you are concerned about the devastatingly harmful effects an outfall will have on the ocean and marine life, please call Governor Carney’s office today.  Our hope is that if his office is deluged with calls, that he will pay attention.  We are asking him to halt any permit processes until the new Secretary of DNREC takes office and can fully review the far more beneficial alternatives that exist to manage wastewater (i.e. Electrocoagulation and Constructed Wetlands-see attached comments for details).  I suggest calling the Wilmington office, but feel free to call both.
Wilmington Office
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Dover Office
Suggested talking points:
  • Ask Governor Carney to place a hold on the issuance of any permits for the Rehoboth Beach Outfall until the new Secretary takes office
  • State your opposition to an outfall due to its highly toxic impacts and long term harm to the health of the ocean and marine life
  • Request that alternatives such as Constructed Wetlands and Electrocoagulation be fully reviewed in consult with professionals in those fields
  • Site concerns to the negative impacts of an outfall-impact on water quality; marine animal health; human health; public perception; tourism and the economy
  • Outfalls are being removed from the ocean elsewhere due to the catastrophic damage they inflict on marine life
Thank you for your help to protect the ocean from this assault- We are hopeful that our collective efforts will have the power that is necessary to avert this crisis.
Rehoboth Outfall Waste water project T shirt, no ocean pollution
Rehoboth Outfall Wastewater project T shirt

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