World’s Greatest Oyster Cracker Tournament

Every year anglers gather at Bowers Beach docks at Paskey’s Wharf to load up on the Captain’s Lady and fish for oyster crackers. Yes, they actually target oyster crackers, and it is for a great cause. There are a few other fish that count for first time catches of the day, but oyster crackers are the desired catch.

oyster cracker, toad fish
oyster cracker or toad fish

I went out with the anglers a couple of years ago and this is hilarious to watch. If you haven’t seen someone get mad they aren’t catching oyster crackers than you need to check out this tournament. The tournament was started to raise money for the Terry Farrell Fund and is now in its 6th year. Each year when it first started, trips were added to accommodate the growing number of anglers that want to participate. There are four dates you can compete this year through out the summer.

Terry Farrell Foundation bus, bowers beach, oyster cracker tournament
Terry Farrell Foundation bus
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This tournament benefits The Terry Farrell Fund a charity established for firefighters and EMS personnel named after Terry Farrell FDNY Firefighter Rescue 4, who perished in the attacks of 9/11. Terry was unselfish everyday in his willingness to help anyone in a time of need, and we are carrying on his legacy. With 17 chapters across the USA, we are here to assist and help our fire and EMS personnel who help everyone else everyday. All money raised in Delaware goes back to Delaware fire and ems. Our website can be found at

Get signed up today spaces usually run out rather fast.

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Terry Ferrell foundation oyster cracker tournament

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