When Fish Fight Back

Russell Ching, speared  by a bill fish, blue marlin,
Russell Ching’s leg with a blue marlin bill.

This picture has been circulating the internet today, as well as pictures in the ambulance. Russell Ching was speared by a 500-pound blue in Hawaii today after trying to pull the fish into the boat.  You have to be careful pulling a fish this large aboard a boat.  Aside form being stabbed I can’t imagine the bacteria in that wound right now.  Hope everything works out for Robert.  I remember during the spring bluefish blitz I’m standing in a boat, barefoot, surrounded by gator blues and then looked at my toes.  First thing I thought was I really don’t want one of these fish to bump into my foot and chomp off my toe.  I have an uncle that is missing part of a pinky toe from a bluefish bite when he got jammed up in a school of blues while swimming off the beach way back in the day.  We have all seen videos when marlins jump around on boats, clearing the decks and even spearing some one on deck when the fish jumped onto the boat.  I think if I ever go bill fishing again I am taking shin guards and the rest of the catchers outfit.  Then again you probably have better odds of getting hit by lightening than being speared by a blue marlin.  Either way I don’t want to test the odds.

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