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Mike Andrews with a beast and a cool hoodie!
bluefish,delaware, sussex county, beach plum island state park, broadkill beach, delaware bay
Tom Hudecheck with a nice blue from the surf

Just a heads up but for this report to make more sense, you have to have read this one … Gator Blues Invade Delaware

Yesterday was crazy in the surf.  I haven’t seen anything like that  in a long time.  Bluefish one after another up to thirteen pounds.  The fish would come in you would see a rod bend at the beginning of the beach and it would domino all the way down.  The day before this lasted for about three or four hours. Wednesday it never stopped, and Tuesday is when it started.  It would slow down, or just come hot and steady.  The catching never stopped.  Once the winds picked up the broadkill grass beds moved in and clogged our lines but the fish didn’t stop feeding.  By about four o’clock most of the folks out there were finished and went home.  A few people came out on the way in and the catching continued.  This was all at Beach Plum Island State Park, Broadkill Beach, and Prime Hook beach all the way up to South Bowers Beach ( I heard).  Meanwhile the ocean beaches were producing but not as well, then again there were not as many people down there.  The day before Tom Hudecheck was using hopkins and hammering blues at Naval crossing in Cape Henlopen, and a few other folks were catching as far down as 3Rs beach.  Yesterday was no exception, and it was by far the best day out of the past three, and will never be forgotten.

sussex county,broadkill beach, delaware bay, beach plum island state park, bunker chunks, mullet rigs
Tom Wise with a bluefish from the surf
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The Yellow Eyed Devils took revenge on us today!!   The fish were sneaky today.  We decided to fish Cape Henlopen and check out the ocean beaches.  Since the grass moved into the bay beaches the evening before, we figured it would still be bad, because the winds were still heavy.  Also if you find the right spot in Henlopen you can block the wind for the most part.  Anyway, we are all set up, Jim Haug called said Beach Plum was a mess with grass and everyone was leaving.  They headed as far south as 3Rs and Fenwick Island.  After yesterday most of us were so tired and worn out it was nice to go find a favorite spot and just chill and fish.  Until the bluefish showed up!  So we are hammering skates and dogfish left and right, and we figure oh great, the fish left.  Now the rods start bouncing hard and would just stop, we would reel in with zero resistance.  The frequency of this was increasing.  Rig and all gone, no swivel, and a clean cut line.  Hmmmmmmmm  maybe a snag from a dog or skate?  Rig back up throw out, catch a skate or dog, and then WHAM!!  Slack.  Cut line, no rig.  We know people are catching elsewhere, what we didn’t know is they were having the same issues as was our neighbor when we talked to him.  He came down and asked were we losing rigs, why yes we are!!  I went through half a dozen rigs in the course of two hours.  Catch skates and dogs, then slack line, no rig. Now we knew something was up.  Tom cast along the beach about twenty feet or less out and WHAM!  Bluefish on!  It threw the mullet rig, but we now knew what was happening.  The fish were running the beaches and just in front of the us behind the second swell.  Since we were over casting that area for the cut we were fishing, our lines were in the water.  The school of bluefish would run through the line, get it snagged in their teeth, and cut the line. Now that the problem was solved, we were just low on rigs.  Apparently this happened to a lot of people today.  The yellow eyed devils revenge during the bluefish run of 2015.


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Night Shift

Keep your line close to shore especially at low tide.  Once we figured that out it was a game changer, but we were tired, worn down, and ready to fall asleep on our feet.  Not to mention once again we went out with the full intention of leaving in a couple of hours to go eat and that never happened.  Dropping by the beach for a couple of hours doesn’t always work out as planned.  About four O’clock Tom and I called it quits, I went for food.  Then the phone rang … “Hey man I am headed south, you still on the beach?”  So I went back to the park aired down and met Corby, who was getting a play by play in text messages all day.  We ran into Suzanne and Denise from Henlopen Bait and Tackle and fished with them for a bit.  Everyone have fun this weekend, keep in mind the fish are close to shore and you should be good.  I would recommend very long and strong leaders.  See you at the clean up on Sunday at Conquest beach at 9 a.m..  We hit the beach Saturday night at 3 a.m. I have been told.  There is a 40% chance of rain Sunday, but since there is a 100% chance we will be there fishing, we may as well keep to the schedule.

Fish On!

Rich King

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