Water Temperatures Are Creeping Up

The biggest factor for fishing this time of year is the water temperatures. Some feel that is the trigger for migratory fish, others think it is just the movement of the bait fish or food supply. Which many believe is triggered by temperature or their food source. The food web is such a fun thing to follow, everything is food to something else, even us.

Masseys Ditch water temperatures this past week to March 13, 2019

Regardless of your belief, such as, after the first full moon of the spring is when things really start to perk up and move.
I have a ridiculous amount of peepers in flooded fields and the woods around my house. Spring is pretty much here, if you listen to the outdoors. Trees are budding, the whole nine. If you asked the critters spring has sprung. We have some more cold snaps headed or way, but we could use a nice mild early spring.

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Fishing Pier, Masseys Landing, delaware, sussex county
Fishing Pier at Massey’s Landing and the ditch in the background

The water temperatures around the Delaware Bay and beaches is averaging forty two degrees. Water surface temperature off the coast is forty five degrees. The upper Delaware bay is around forty one degrees. The Chesapeake bay is forty seven degrees in some areas. The Inland Bays are fluctuating about two degrees between tides and is averaging forty five degrees. The water has risen ten degrees in seven days, almost two degrees on a couple of days in Masseys Ditch. We are hoping for that magic number of fifty one degrees real soon. That gets the striped bass to really school up and put on the feed bag.

Then we can go back to arguing about whether it is more fun to catch a hundred short bass in a few hours or one fifty pound bass in several hours.

Fish On!
Rich King

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