Water Quality Advisories for Slaughter and Broadkill Beaches

Yesterday a water quality alert was issued for Slaughter and Broadkill Beaches. The bacteria levels are too high for safe swimming. There will be another test today to see if the advisory can be lifted. There is also an advisory for Lake Como beach.

Monday there wasn’t an advisory issued, but the bacteria levels were really high and noted by the state. The winds and heavy water action was listed as a cause for such a high level. As well as preventing staff to get a good water sample. I have seen these guys run into the surf in full wet suits to extract good samples. Hopefully today this will be lifted.

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Why is this a concern for surf anglers? We tend to stand in the water longer than most people swim exposing ourselves to the water. We pick up fish, get stuck by fins, hooks etc. It is always a good idea to have a small bottle of bleach with your fishing gear in case you need to clean a wound quickly.

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Rich King

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