Water Hazard Warning Muggy Lee Hits Outer Wall And Is Adrift

Earlier this morning the Muggy Lee, a commercial fishing boat out of Lewes lost power and was adrift near the outer wall

There is a boat adrift at sea off our coast near the outer wall, the Muggy Lee a commercial fishing boat, owned by Shawn Moore. It is partially sunk, floating in the water, with a Trump flag flying.

Apparently according to the mate, the captain hit somehting in the water, lost power and then was pushed into the outer wall. This was at 5:30 AM this morning and the boat started to sink. The Pilot boat out of Lewes picked them out of the water. No idea how this will be recovered as of yet. That is in the works apparently, we will keep you updated.
Be careful if you are boating in the area of the outer wall, don’t hit the Trump flag.

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Muggy Lee commercial fishing boat in the ocean off the Delaware coast with just a trump flag sticking up .. photo from Tow Boat US Indian River

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