Water Advisory Issued For Dewey Beach

A water quality advisory has been issued for Dewey Beach at Dagsworthy Street area this afternoon. It is in effect until tomorrow when the water will be retested. Right now the level is 145/100ml (colonies/100ML)for bacterial counts it has to be under 100/100ml for the water to be considered safe for swimming. The other day it was tested at 10/100ml and that is the usual or average number.

Type: Recreational Water Advisory
Reason: Bacteria
Location: Dewey Beach-Dagsworthy 
Start Date: 06/20/2019
Start Time: 13:30
End Date: 06/21/2019
End Time: 14:30

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There is also still an advisory for Slaughter Beach

Description: Water Quality Advisory
Comments: A water quality advisory has been issued for Dewey Beach-Dagsworthy following bacterial results which were above the recreational water quality standard. The bacteria most likely originates from wildlife sources and increased rainfall or waves can result in these indicator bacteria washing into the near shore waters. A water quality sample has been taken at Dewey Beach-Dagsworthy and the advisory will be lifted once indicator bacteria levels are within the recreational water quality limits.

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