Water Advisory for Dewey Beach Is Higher Numbers Today

water advisory, dewey beach, dagsworthy street
Water advisory details from the DNREC website

The newest water test came out not long ago and it is off the charts. Normal levels in the Dagsworthy street area are about 10 colonies/100ml. When it goes above 100 colonies/ 100 ml there is an advisory. Yesterday the water was over 300/100ml today it is well over 2,000. The test results are 2,613 colonies/ 100 ml. That is bacterial colonies of Enterococcoi. That is a lot of bacteria in the water. The advisory is scheduled to be lifted by the 22nd of June.

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Water test results listed on the state’s website for Dewey beach at Dagsworthy street

I don’t know what is causing this but ever since the wind and rain picked up the last few days the water came up over the safe limit. Might be something out there in the water, or it is in the storm drain itself. Regardless might be a good idea to stay well away from that water. The surrounding beaches haven’t tested over 10/100ml in weeks.
Slaughter Beach is still under an advisory as well.

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