Watch This Gull Make A Whole Rabbit Disappear

A gull eating a whole rabbit is one of the most 2020 things you will see

This “Sea Gull” ate an entire rabbit in several gulps. I’ve seen the video of the Blue Heron eating a gopher, but this takes the prize. Gulls can be savages for Thrasher’s Fries but never seen this level before. Watching a sea gull choke down a whole rabbit is surreal. The rabbit is a quarter of the gull’s size.

Nature is wonderful and cruel all at once. These are the gulls I do not mess with at the beach. They have a way of looking at you with that black soulless eye. I once watched one at the Indian River Inlet chasing rats in the rocks when it flooded from a nor’easter. That was fascinating to experience.

Sea gull eats a rabbit whole … video from Earnest James
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Do a Google search there are all kinds of animals being eaten by birds yo would not expect to see.

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