Watch Bunker Pushed To The Beach By Dolphins

Great videos of dolphins pushing bunker towards the beach in a feeding frenzy.

Yesterday at South Bethany Beach lifeguards had to clear a section of the surf to allow this large school of bunker room. Dolphins were pushing the bunker to shore in a feeding frenzy. Sometimes they (dolphins and pilot whales) will push the bunker or bait fish onto shore which happened last week at Cape Henlopen.
Dolphins will often ball up bait fish and feed on them using the shore to keep the school in place to feed. A moving buffet if you will.
Dylan Billy sent us these videos … “Yes the lifeguards pulled everyone out while they passed thru ! It was definitely a sight to see ! They were still around when the lifeguards left at 5 and some people must have thought it was cool to get in the water and swim in the middle of the frenzy.. not smart! Another guy put a net into the school and pulled fish out and did say they were bunker fish”

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This is one feeding frenzy you don’t want to get in the middle of, those aren’t just dolphins. Most likely there are sharks underneath and bluefish tend to get in the mix. Wouldn’t be surprised to find a cobia in there as well. When you see the bunker explode on the surface in long lines that is dolphin moving fast through the school feeding.

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