Warning to Boaters in the Sinepuxent Bay near Assateague


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Location of dredge pipe, west of Assatyeague Island and south of South Point … photo courtesy Marine Diver Services and The Dispatch

Be careful boaters if you are in or near this area, there is a submerged dredge pipe in the Sinepuxent Bay near Assateague.  It is about 3,000 feet long and has damaged several boats already.  The Coast Guard put this warning up Thursday … “Maintenance dredging continues in Sinepuxent Bay near Ocean City through October 2015.  The dredging equipment includes a dredge, pipelines, anchors, barges and other equipment located in and out of the channel, 24 hours a day and seven days per week with pipeline crossing the Ocean City Inlet. Mariners are urged to use caution when transiting the area and approach the dredge at slow speed and pass with caution after contacting the Goodloe Marine, Inc. dredge ‘Tenacious’ via marine band radio VHF-FM channel 16 and 68 for passing instructions.”   The full story was posted this afternoon by The Dispatch in Ocean City Maryland.  The Ocean City coast Guard is presently taking steps to have this dredge pipe removed.  Always be careful when boating in shallow bays, you never know what hazards can lie just below the water.

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