War On The Shore 2019 Surf Fishing Area and Prizes Update

All right gang we are just three days away from War On The Shore 2019! We are a go for the 5th of October. The beaches are looking better each day, despite the fact we have two new tides, high tide and higher than high tide. The weather has laid down a lot but we could still be a little nautical on Saturday. High tide is at 3 PM on Saturday. You will be fishing the incoming tide. Wheelhouse at 5 PM for the awards in Lewes on the canal next to the drawbridge.

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War On The Shore 2019 fishing areas.

The fishing area is from Naval crossing at the great dune to Gordons pond to the sign no vehicles beyond this point. However, we are going to ask everyone to fish Herring point to Gordons pond. Reason being naval crossing has been flooding over at high tide and parks has closed it a couple of times. We feel it will be safer to keep people out of that area.

DS Custom Tackle
DS Custom Tackle
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We have a little over 100 people fishing in War On The Shore 2019, based on that number the prizes are the following …

First Prize … $3,000 …  trophy bait board made by Frets 4 Vets
Second Prize … $1,000 … trophy bait board made by Frets 4 Vets
Third Prize … $700 … trophy bait board made by Frets 4 Vets
Fourth prize … $350
Fifth prize … $200 …
Sixth the twentieth place prizes … Donated items from DS Custom Tackle and DSF
. If we do not have twenty full places we will pick tickets for the remaining places.
There will be drawings for additional giveaways at the awards ceremony using the raffle tickets given out when you arrive at Wheelhouse. Awards start at 5 pm.

Biggest fish …  $500 and a DSF full sized flag

Calcutta …   $20 bluefish entry …. based on number of people that sign up for the calcutta, we pay out all monies taken in for any calcutta.  
Calcutta monies will be collected when you pick up your registration packets.  We are not doing the skating rink and dog pound for this tournament, that is too much work for the judges for this type of tournament.  

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Frets 4 vets

War On The Shore raised $500 for Frets 4 Vets with entry fees, huge thanks to everyone for that!! Looking forward to see what the surf produces on Saturday. We added false albacore to the fish list at 15 inches or greater. Striped bass are not on the list for several reasons.

Good luck to all and we will see you in the sand box!

Rich King

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