Tropical Storm Isaias formed last night

Tropical Storm Isaias formed last night, possibility of some nautical weather next week.

Just how nautical is the question that remains. We will certainly keep a close on eye on this storm thanks to Delmarva Wx. Once this moves past the Carolinas we will know if it heads back in or out to sea.

Tropical Storm Isaias
Tropical Storm Isaias

DelmarvaWx (July 30, 2020) … Tropical Storm Isaias formed last night at 11 PM south of Puerto Rico. At 8 AM this morning, Isaias is packing maximum sustained wind of 60 mph as it approaches the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Isaias should be making landfall today and begin to move into the Bahamas. We will see how the higher terrain of these island nations impacts Isaias further down the road.

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Tropical Storm Isaias projected paths

From there, Isaias at this time is looking to pay a visit close to the southeastern US with yes Delmarva in the forecast cone at this time going into next week. There has been some very good model consensus with the spaghetti plots as well as operational models.

We will have to pay very close to Isaias’s movements going into the weekend to see if Delmarva indeed could be getting into some tropical action. Check out DelmarvaWx and the live weather conditions page for constant updates, watches, and warnings.

Tropical Storm Isaias, delmarva, hurricane, tropical storm
Tropical Storm Isaias projected paths

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