Time To Get Out And Fish

The winter doldrums are still in full effect, but the fishing is finally picking back up for this time of year. Granted it isn’t the beast mode of the bluefish and and almost nonexistent spring striped bass run, but it is still fun catching. At least the spring run of bass gives us better hope for catches than the fall run. White perch also make excellent table fare. I think the fish are fed up with winter, they are putting on the feedbag and hitting the creeks and rivers.

delaware, sussex county, tidal creeks, grass shrimp
Grass Shrimp scooped up at low tide in a tidal creek.

The grass shrimp are thick along the banks of the tidal creeks in the marsh grass. Scraping the grass with a fine net or the bulkheads in marinas will produce some shrimp for bait. You can set minnow traps for them too and catch both minnows and grass shrimp. Remember you cannot net or cast net near spillways (300 feet away). Dry Dogfood works awesome in the smaller minnow traps, it floats and won’t leave the trap.

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striped bass, resident bass, short bass, grass shrimp, tidal creek fishing, delaware, sussex county
Short bass mixed in with the white perch schools

The perch and short bass mixed in the schools are feeding heavily on the grass shrimp and minnows. Bloodworms will also work well. Broadkill River, Canary creek, Lewes Canal, and Indian river have decent perch and short bass action, you just have to be in the right area when they come through.
Icehouse bait and tackle on New road in Lewes have bloodworms right now. Call ahead to any shop to see what they have this time of year.

Fish On!
Rich King

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