The Point’s Snow Goose Is Back

(Dec 20, 2019) Last year we were fishing the point and this snow goose just walked by everyone. It wandered down the beach a piece, turned around and walked past us again. Not a care in the world that we were there, eating “seaweed” as it went. It was weird, wasn’t a flock in sight, just hanging out at the beach. This went on for weeks, every time we were out there, we would see the point snow goose. At one point a duck joined it for a few days.

A few days ago I am pretty sure the same snow goose was on the beach. Just wandering up and down the surf line, eating the green sea weed that washes up. The stuff that looks like bright green lettuce. Not sure if is the same snow goose. Maybe it is a surf caster reincarnated as a snow goose and just likes the point, because who doesn’t like the point? Soon the snow geese will gather in those big flotillas off the beaches, that is always a sight to see.

Fish On
Rich King

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Snow geese at the fields near the waste water treatment plant outside of Millsboro marinating in all that yummy water.

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