The Black Pearl and Bloody Mary Designated Driver Services … today is national talk like a pirate day

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The Black Pearl flagship of the The Black Pearl Designated Driver services located in Fenwick Island, DE … (302) 569 2273 … ride the pirate bus, “take” the town, and stay safe!

Avast ye Matey’s, and ride the Pearl!  Today be national talk like a pirate day!!  So grab a tot’ and set for a spell, and let me tell ya of the captain, that rides the coastal highways.  Helping our land lovers get home safe and sound, after a night of “taking the towns.” ….  You have seen the pictures on our Facebook page, heard the stories, seen it around town, and we have ridden the Black Pearl designated driver service to a few fundraisers.  The bus turns heads everywhere she rides, I know, the Pearl turned mine.  I was sitting at Port in Dewey Beach one day, when a pirate ship drove past the window.  I stopped talking, looked at Mitch and said, a Pirate ship just drove past your restaurant.  I figured he think I was nuts, but I tell it like it see it.  He smiled, said hold on a minute, and made a phone call.  ” Go outside and check this out, I want you to meet Bill.”  Wow, was my first reaction, what a cool concept, and what an amazing idea.  I had to know more, and spent some time chatting with the captain, Bill Fox.  This was last year in the fall (bout this time), and since then Bill has added the Bloody Mary to his fleet.  He started this as a free service for people to do “bar crawls”, and establishments to bring  patrons to and from.  The ride was free,  T shirts were for sale, and donations were accepted.  That was until 2 months ago when Bill finalized all of his permits, and is now a full blown limo service.  Recently, the captain looted some electronics, and now he rides with sound systems and DVD capable TV’s.  This is the coolest short bus, you will ever ride.

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The Bloody Mary designated driver service bus at Old Bay Restaurant ready to make that crawl to Port in Dewey Beach and beyond
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The Black Pearl is all decked out in pirate.  She has a plank floor made from the original wood of the Bethany Boardwalk.  There is a vertical handrail and she can accommodate up to 14 passengers comfortably.  A tub in the barrel up front, is a great cooler for the night, and don’t forget your pirate hat.  The Black Pearl is home based in Fenwick Island, and does a  specific bar crawl for that area and winery tours at Fenwick Wine Cellars, it is a free ride there and back, for your party of six or more, 12-6 p.m. every day.  The Bloody Mary has been chartered by Old Bay Restaurant and Port Dewey for combination dinner and bar crawl evenings to Rehoboth or Dewey Beach.  She will mostly be used on the Rehoboth side of the bays.  I have ridden The Black Pearl on a number of occasions, she is the official ride for DSF excursions, and they are always eventful.  This is a ride you will never forget, and be the talk of the town.  When we went to the 16 mile brewery last fall to check out the oyster benefit for the Center for the Inland bays, we emptied the building.  People were just blown away by the “pirate bus”, as she has come to be known.  This was early in the Black Pearl’s  journeys.  She is now adorned with surrounding businesses’ advertisements, and DSF is always on the bus.  I am very impressed with Bill Fox’s vision for a better way to bring business to his town of Fenwick Island, in a safe manner for all to enjoy.  I am proud to be sponsored by such a great concept and friend.  Now he just needs to get the DSF 4 wheel drive version rolling.  The Pearl would make a great ride for any child’s birthday party, for a day “at town.”  Call the captain and reserve your day on the Black Pearl and Bloody Mary designated driver services …     (302) 569-2273.

Fish On Mateys!

Rich King

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