Thanksgiving eve fishing conditions


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Zack Pillarelli caught this striped bass shorty on bunker at 3Rs Sunday.

Well first it was cold and we were all like, this is horrible, then it hit seventy degrees and we were all like, it’s too hot.  Now it is gale force winds, raining and the waves are gi-mungous.  The fishing has been very random for keepers from boat and especially the surf. Basically non existent for the surf, and we have been trying.  I met up with Ben Smith this weekend our striped bass state record holder.  He, Chris Arnone, and a crew of fifteen or so were surf fishing this weekend.  These boys fished all over the place.  From Beach Plum to Fenwick Island in a matter of three days.   They threw all baits they could get their hands on and hit every spot they could find.  They even split up and scouted several places at one time.   It was a skate and dog fest weekend.  They did manage one shorty striped bass on bunker chunks, Sunday afternoon.  It was still a fun weekend fishing at the beach, the fluctuation of temperatures has bounced around so much it is hard to tell what is going to happen out there.  One day is cold and the next was hot.  The water over the weekend was a beautiful greenish color and clear on the southern beaches.  The water was as calm as a lake, not the best striped bass conditions,but still very nice.  The last day or two have been hardcore heavy waves from this coastal storm we are having, the water needless to say is churned up.  You can count on the beaches being carved up this weekend.  We have the surf fishing trip for “Bug” at Fenwick Island this Saturday, and we are meeting the family around nine a.m. at Fenwick Island State Park.  I plan on being there by eightish.  Charlie K is supplying a lot of barbecue chicken and all the fixins.  Old Inlet is supplying the family with the bait they will need, if you are coming out I would drop by Old Inlet and mention that fact when you pick up bait, it may help a little, just sayin.  DSF is supplying the gear needed as well as Diamond State Tackle.  Hoping for a good day in the sand box.

Striped bass from the rocks caught by Corey Joseph
Striped bass from the rocks caught by Corey Joseph
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The keeper striped bass action has been random at best at the overfalls in the Delaware Bay.  There have been short striped bass at the rock walls at Indian River Inlet on both sides.  The incoming tide has been the best.  A few guys were fishing Bubble gum beach Friday night and had a bit of a problem with some visitors.  Seems some people were trying to steal their gear from their vehicle, while others tried to distract them as they were fiehing.  One of the boys decided something was up, headed for the parking lot, and realized these guys were eyeing up their gear.  Keep your gear locked up and be wary of people.  I hate to have to say that, but there are bad eggs in society, even in the fishing community.  Maybe if the parks make more money from increased fees we can get more of a security presence at the Indian River Inlet.  I am sure there will be more of one (security presence) once the camp ground is fully opened.  Just a heads up for everyone to be wary of your gear especially, in the back of trucks and on racks at night.  Speaking of Bubble gum beach, the other night Corey Joseph and Christopher Kramer Sr. were fishing with flies and hitting a few shorts.  But the real excitement was the skates at the beach earlier that day.  Now I know, how could catching a skate be exciting?  Well … the story goes, or what had happened was .. (Corey Joseph)Well….we fished the point and hooked up with probably 25 skates and 25 sharks and we moved location to the jetty…I decided after 2 more skates at the jetty I was ready for lunch and went in the truck to have my Italian hoagie.  I left my two rods baited up and in the holder on the back of the truck….as I’m eating my sandwich trying to warm up Christopher Kramer Sr. yells dude your getting a hit, your getting a hit, so I smiled, put the truck in drive without any warning, and backed up.  Successful hook up, the 10 ft rod bent in half, I hopped out, and reeled it in crying laughing”  That is one way to set the hook!  Ben Smith and the crew caught a bunch of skates on Saturday and actually grilled one up, we arrived later or we would have been able to try some.  There have been shorty striped bass up and down the Delaware River and Bay as well as the inland bays.  Fishing has been slow for keeper striped bass.  Tautog and sea bass action has been great with some bluefish in the mix with sea bass.  A few flounder have been caught as well, last year we were catching flounder on stretch 25’s while trolling for striped bass, I imagine that will happen this year as well.  Try some clam for bait this weekend, the striped bass love them.  There are a lot of silversides in the surf and at the inlet, but that is about it as far as baitfish.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at DSF!!

Fish On!!

Rich King


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