Rosedale Beach

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Rosedale Beach Boat ramp a.k.a Gull Point

Tucked back in the neighborhoods of Oak Orchard and Riverdale  along the north shores of Indian River Bay located in Millsboro DE.  There are 3  boat ramps one is good for larger boats the other 2 are small sand ramps.  The main Delaware state boat ramp one for large boats, Rosedale Beach, is located in Gull Point on Riverview road.  The 2 other boat ramps are located in Oak Orchard.  These are very small sandy ramps and are only good at high tides.  Be respectful to the neighbors and you cannot park at these ramps.  The best ramp of the 2 is located at the end of Riverview Ave.  There is a plastic grid system for your tires and is maintained by the locals in cooperation with DNREC.  Mind the animals in the area this is a small community.  

Great place to put in a kayak or a very small boat.  Good mullet and bullhead minnows for bait near the pylons.  The last one is located at the end of Oak Orchard Rd. or Route 5.  Just make a left and its between 2 houses.  This is the toughest ramp to use as it is very soft sand be wary it is really only good for kayaks and very small boats.   So let’s go to the “fun” ramp.  

Rosedale Beach boat ramp
Rosedale Beach boat ramp

There is not a beach at Rosedale Beach access.  I know its kinda confusing, this is a state boat ramp with a crabbing and fishing pier.   It is a state operated and controlled boat ramp.  You need a Delaware state boat ramp sticker to “PUT-IN” here.  The Marine Police check the area occasionally.  The ramp is also used by DNREC, The Indian River Volunteer Fire Department, and Fish Game and Wildlife.  There is limited parking for vehicles with trailers.  This is a carry in carry out area and is open to legal fishing 24 hours a day. 

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Blue crabbing regulations sign Rosedale Beach Millsboro, DE

Blue crabbing  is allowed on a pier that stretches out past the boat launch piers.  The  blue
crabbing pier has a wider deck area at the end. This is a great place to catch blue crabs with the kids for the day, a quiet place located on the inland bays of the Indian River.  You never know what kind of excitement you will see at the boat ramp.  It can get very entertaining at times.  Picnic on the pier but remember carry in and carry out. 

Crabbing with small rings or folding traps works great or just use the old chicken on a string with a net.  Bring the basket and keep the crabs moist throughout the day.  The sun can cook them before they can be eaten and they are not good for you dead.  Just pour some water on them once in a while.  Try to keep blue crabs in the shade.  If you want to brave the grasses at a low tide on a full moon cycle you might find a few soft shell blue crabs.  Enjoy the pier and have fun blue crabbing and fishing. 

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Crabbing pier at Rosedale beach bot ramp

The view from the area is beautiful  you can see Bethany Beach, DE across the bay.  There  are always a lot of boats cruising around.  A diverse amount of birds including several of the local Raptor families, Eagles and Ospreys.  They live off of fish in the back bays and can be seen often.  The Osprey are all over the place along with all kinds of ducks.  This is a great place for bird watching.   Lots of baitfish; spot, bunker, mullet,  and bullhead minnows even grass shrimp in the reeds.  Catching small fish on small rigs is also possible you never know what is out there.   

Rosedale Beach crabbing and fishing pier on a foggy morning

Masseys Landing is a choice place to access the back inland bays, of the Indian River.  You will save on gas and drifting/fishing out in front of this area is great for flounder.  The marshes across from the boat ramp towards the Indian River Inlet in the  fall are full of striped bass.  Just fish the marshes when the tide is out going.  When the baitfish swim out of the grass the striped bass are waiting or them.  Bucktails work the best just fish the banks.  Keep your boats out of the schools as this will spook them. Please stay off the marshes they are protected however, you can walk along the waters edge on the sand during low tides.