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The Mid-Atlantic Committee on the Ocean (MACO) will host the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Ocean Forum on May 19 at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in New York City. We would like your input on the ocean issues that matter to you so we can develop an agenda that reflects shared priorities and ensures the Forum is a success.

The Forum provides a unique opportunity to highlight ongoing coordination among state, federal and tribal entities on the use of our ocean waters and to discuss opportunities for future collaboration. We plan to report on what has been accomplished on marine debris, ocean acidification, maritime commerce and navigation safety, and the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal. We’re also interested in exploring emerging issues related to ocean management (e.g., increased ocean mapping) and would like your thoughts on how we might work more collaboratively to integrate those with existing uses. Attendees at last year’s Forum provided valuable feedback that has helped guide MACO’s work since.
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The Mid-Atlantic Committee on the Ocean was established by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) to foster collaboration among states, federal agencies, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, and federally recognized tribes, and to engage stakeholders. The purpose of MACO is to enhance the vitality of the region’s ocean ecosystem and economy through increased communication and collaboration.

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