Striped bass still showing up in small numbers


striped bass, bubble gum beach, delaware seashore state park, delaware surf fishing
Vic Minio with a striped bass from the weekend at the Indian River Inlet

Sorry we have been kind of quiet, I have been dealing with broken vehicles, sick as a dog, and going through videos and pictures of last year.  Wow, did I take a lot of pictures, and I have yet to look on the external drives.  I took 2 days just to go through 5 months worth.  Not much has been happening fishing, and I missed going to the fly tie session on Saturday, sorry boys see you this weekend.  The weather has been crazy we had a bit of snow before the weekend, not much, but it made for nice pictures.  Past few days have been warm during the day and getting very cold at night.  That will change soon to cold all of the time.  It may warm up after Saturday a bit, and it is going to snow again.  There have been few keeper striped bass pulled from the waters.  Out front is still producing mostly South.  Vic Minio and his crew hit a nice striped bass the other night at the rocks.  The fish are still here, so if you have the gear to stay warm,  are willing to deal with the winds, and put in the time.  You can catch a fish out there, we also have a lot of resident striped bass.  Please practice catch and release so we will continue to have these fish.  Alan, Tyler, Jason, Ashley, and Dubi have been tearing up the freshwater scene.  Bass, pickerel  and perch have been produced at numerous locations. Ashley out fished the boys yesterday, her “one” to their skunk.  I have been running around since the trooper was fixed trying to do 3 days worth of work and errands on a Sunday.  I forgot everything is closed today, so I am going fishing.  I do have a few announcements ….

large mouth bass, delaware surf fishing, freshwater fishing
Nice bass caught by Alan Rosenberger

Tonight and every Monday night at Old Bay Steakhouse on route 1, we will have DSF fishing club meetings.  These first few times will be a meet and greet.  I want to get everyone’s input on what they would like from a fishing club.  Eventually we will figure out if we need officers for a club and things like that.  The idea is to give all of you a venue to share ideas and tell stories.  All fishing tales are stories embellished to a degree.  You know the saying “The fish gets bigger, the closer you get to home”  So come on out and tell us all about the one that got away.  We want this to be fun for all anglers of any age and skill level …. fishing is a way of life, that can be refined, or just lived. Either one works for me. I hope to see you all there.

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Sandbar Tavern in Long Neck, DE is having a benefit for Zack Cramer on January 27th at 1 p.m. until 1 a.m.  Zack lost a leg to a cancer relapse, and is trying to raise money for a prosthetic leg.  He has been a friend to many in this community for years.  Everyone is pulling together to help him out.  There will be a silent auction, food, and a 50/50 raffle.  Small Town Hostages, Divine Proportion, Go With The Flo, and many other bands will be there.  $10 donations will be accepted and appreciated at the door.  Help this young man out, when you are in the area this weekend.

I am putting together our Polar Plunge team.  Devon Stark is good to go as team captain.  I will have links up for donations to this wonderful event by tomorrow.  I met Devon and his family last year, and have gotten to know these folks well over the past year.  He is a good kid, doing a great thing for other people, kudos buddy.  The team will ride the Black Pearl courtesy of Captain Bill Fox and DSF.  I am looking forward to this year, not so much to getting wet.  If you would like to take the plunge with DSF, send us an email, and we will have details up soon.

I have some other things we are working on, and I will announce at a later date.  It is one of the reasons we have been so quiet the past several days.  Thanks to the annoying winds, blown low tides, and crazy weather some of us have been using our favorite saying … “Dude, I live here, I can always go fishing tomorrow.”

Fish On!!

Rich King

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