Storm Hermine Update Saturday 7 AM


rehoboth, storm hermine, saturday morning, delaware, sussex county
Crews are removing anything that can be carried away off the beach. Notice the water, we are 4 hours form high tide.

The crews in Rehoboth are moving their sheds off the beach as per Delaware state law.  The tide will be high at 10:30 AM and the water is already coming over the beach “edge”.  Beaches will flood at high tide that is definitely going to happen.  Winds are steady around 18 mph out of the ENE and building.  Waves are predicted at five feet at five seconds.  We are going to see almost a two foot higher tide.  The storm center is still south of us on land.  Prediction centers are scrambling to figure out the path.  Everyone thinks it will stall for a couple of days in front of us, which will create a lot of storm surge and flooding.  The more high tide cycles we go through with heavy winds the more water will stack up in the back bays and along the coast line.  We will be out and about soon and need lots of coffee this is going to be a long couple of days.


Storm Hermine's location at 6 AM, delaware, sussex county
Storm Hermine’s location at 6 AM, the flag is Lewes

There are a lot of people here, traffic is always bad during this holiday.  If you don’t need to go out and about, don’t, emergency crews will need to get around.  Hopefully lineman won’t need to get around but that is possible as well, this storm has knocked a lot of power out in its path.   For those that are visiting, I suggest you get to a grocery store and get foods you can eat without power just in case.  Once the power goes out credit card machines do not work, bank machines do not work, make sure you have cash.  Fill a bathtub with water if you have a well, so you have water if we lose power.  Local stations are making light of this, the people I follow online are not, and have been right most of the time.  This time I hope they are wrong.  This storm has the potential to do some serious flood damage from storm surge.  Unfortunately that is inevitable, the question is how long and how bad.  The storm in the 30’s that cut the OCMD inlet comes to mind, and of course the storm of 62.  Stay safe and stay smart.  Stay tuned for updates throughout the day on here and Facebook.  If the flooding gets bad, get out of dodge.  What we see today is going to build and get worse, next high tide is tonight at 10:53 PM.  The last storm surge a few days ago was a fewhundred miles away and flooded our beaches.   Hermine will be at our back door for a couple of days, think about that, take all the time you need.

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Waves and wind are building as I publish this.

Fish On!!

Rich  King

IRI tides …

09/03 Sat 04:10 AM 0.2 L
09/03 Sat 10:37 AM 2.92 H
09/03 Sat 04:24 PM 0.24 L
09/03 Sat 10:53 PM 3.0 H
09/04 Sun 04:45 AM 0.3 L
09/04 Sun 11:14 AM 2.92 H
09/04 Sun 05:06 PM 0.38 L
09/04 Sun 11:27 PM 2.88 H
09/05 Mon 05:19 AM 0.42 L
09/05 Mon 11:51 AM 2.91 H
09/05 Mon 05:48 PM 0.55 L
09/06 Tue 12:03 AM 2.76 H
09/06 Tue 05:54 AM 0.54 L
09/06 Tue 12:32 PM 2.89 H
09/06 Tue 06:33 PM 0.73

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