Spring Fishing Is Decent


shad, jersey tarpon,indian river inlet, delaware, sussex county
Connor Fisher with Jersey Tarpon from the Inlet

Well Florida was nice but it is good to be back.  Took a few days to get back into the swing of things and get over that jet lag.  No seriously, it took a few days to acclimate back to these cooler temperatures.  It was rather hot down there, like twice as hot as it is up here.  We are finally warming up and the fishing is decent if you put in the time.  A few things coming up.  The Cape Henlopen Pier will open on the 25th of May sometime after noon.  The Canal Flounder tournament is Saturday, and I am hoping to see some decent catches hit the scales.  Good luck to everyone entering the tournament.  We are changing the jet ski fishing tournament up a little bit and that will be announced over the weekend.  It will be limited to twenty-five entries, so get them in now if you haven’t.  You will not be able to sign up the day of the tournament.  I have to rework the tournament due to circumstances beyond my control.

The water is slowly warming backup after the crazy temperature snaps.  Fish have been feeding despite the temperatures but it certainly sowed down the action.  The Inland Bays are fluctuating between sixty-one and fifty-seven degrees in Masseys Ditch.  The lower temperature is during the peak of the incoming tide.  Farther back in the bays the shallower water is hitting fifty-eight degrees at low tide.  The Delaware Bay is averaging in the upper fifties around Lewes and into the sixties up north near Delaware City.  The surf temperature is hitting sixty degrees by mid day, but is in the upper fifties in the mornings and night.  Sea Surface temperature at buoy 44009 is  fifty-five degrees.  The offshore temperatures are getting better for the tuna anglers and they are starting to see some action.  The water clarity is getting better from all of the rain and wind.  High tide will be mid morning, and late evening all weekend.


ray, butterfly ray, delaware, sussex county, surf fishing, state parks,
Kaylee Cox …. Rays are showing up in the surf now.

Striped bass action in the surf is random.  Meaning they come into shore one day in one spot and another the next.  The incoming tide seems to be the best tide to fish for them.  Bunker chunks has been the choice bait but they are hitting cut or whole mullet,and clam.  The shorts are hammering bloodworms on top and bottom rigs, try Diamond State Custom Tackle top and bottom rigs, and the surf rigs work very well to catch fish.  Snapper blues are hitting at conquest and 3Rs as well as the inlet.  Mullet on mullet rigs or spoons and bucktails.  Gator bluefish action has been the same in the surf and really slowing down by the pier.  Not a surprise, when more and more fish are pulled from a school the numbers tend to go down, you don’t need core math to figure that out.  The little blues that are showing up at the Indian River Inlet and surrounding beaches are hitting  two ounce bucktails or small spoons, use a sinker to get the lure farther down in the water column.  Shad are hitting at the inlet now too, shad darts or shad spoons work great.  The new shop Melting Pot has some great shad spoons, pretty sure they are the only shop with shad spoons.  I like using multi colored metals or spoons for shad in the surf.  Little one ounce to two ounce spoons, the rainbow-colored ones work great.


dana lynn charters,delaware, sussex county, indian river inlet
Sea Bass caught by Dana Lynn Charters out of Indian River Inlet
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Puffers are still hitting in the surf and have moved into the Rehoboth bay in large schools.  Top and bottom rigs with bloodworms.  Fishbites can be used but the water is still a bit too cold for them.  They will still dissolve and work, but not as well as in warmer water.  It takes a few puffers to make a meal but they are one tasty fish.
Kingfish are hitting in the surf, lot of large northern kingfish and many have moved into the bubble gum beach area at the inlet and around Burton’s Island.  Northern kingfish have that dark camouflage looking pattern and southern kingfish have nice mother of pearl glow to them and not pattern.  Bloodoworms, sand fleas, squid, or fishbites will work for kingfish.  Shrimp is an excellent bait of choice, leave the shell on and use small pieces hooked through the shell.  Fresh is better, but frozen works well.  The look on the seafood guy’s face is always priceless when you ask for six shrimp.


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Ryan Mazur with a bluefish on a Diamond State Custom Tackle surf rig, best rigs for catching.

Big black drum are hitting in the Delaware Bay on clams at the coral beds and the Broadkill Slough.  They are also hitting sand fleas and crabs.  The surf has seen some nice specimens caught and mostly around Cape Henlopen.  Check out the Lewes charters for some black drum action.  Always a fun trip to sit on the boat at night and listen to the fish “drum” under the boat.

Sea Bass action is hot for the boats that have gotten out recently.   Flounder is picking up in the bays and canal.  There has been some action at the old grounds as well.  You just need a good day to get out there.  Crabbing is still excellent around the inland bays.

Cruizin weekend is in Ocean City so expect some ridiculous traffic this weekend.  Basically expect ridiculous weekend traffic for the rest of the season.   So slow it down and be careful, lot of motorcycles on the road. I passed a local gas truck the other day that was headed into my lane because the driver was too busy reading his phone.  Luckily I put mine down in time, and then threw my beer at him.  Pay attention people, they could be coming the other way.  Saturday’s weather is going to be a bit nautical.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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