Snowy Owls at Port Mahon


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Snowy Owls at Port Mahon .. photo by Brian McCaffrey

Brian McCaffrey was bird watching at Port Mahon today looking for the snowy owls that have been reported there.  This is what he reported on his trip today, have you seen any snowy owls recently?  “Despite the gloomy weather I went to Port Mahon in search of the two reported Snowy Owls — both were there (but a long ways off the road) I’m guessing over 200 yards – the darker bird was easier to see (and photograph) at the long distance and poor light I was happy to get photos where you could recognize that the birds were Snowy Owls — these shots are at 1200mm and uncropped (got a bonus with the two Northern Harriers trying to intimidate the darker bird) I did get some shots of the darker bird looking at me but none of the lighter bird looking my way. I was there from a little before 10 to 11 a.m.  ”   

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Remember to respect the marshes and areas these birds are residing in and to not disturb them.  Viewing them from afar with field glasses and a telephoto lense is preferred.  Port Mahon has pier that is high enough you can see over the entire marsh, it makes for a great viewing area.  Be careful driving there, the road is still in decent shape but storms and flooding can change that quickly.  If you encounter one in our parks near the beaches please stay out of the dunes.  We have heard of one near Bombay Hook, and possibly one in Delaware Seashore State Park near 3Rs, but have not been able to find them.

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