Sixty Today Snowy Tomorrow

It is almost hot outside right now, even a little muggy feeling, or moist. But wait because here comes Dela-winter. Warm like spring one day, then snow and cold the next. The Euro and Canadian models are showing about 1.5 to 3 inches of snow tomorrow with this “burst”. The GFS is showing less, all are showing a snow “event”. Then it will get freezing cold, good times. This solidifies my decision to not drive the three hours plus to Atlantic City, and take the Lewes Cape May ferry boat ride for the win. Fishing show for manufacturers and dealers this week by Folsom.

Most likely it won’t stick to the road surfaces but be careful regardless. Bridges will be an issue with freezing temperatures. I’ve seen a lot of snowplows out and about already, mostly private companies getting ready for snow removal. Never understood that for a mild storm, the snow is usually gone in two days. Jeff Wise, Footes Forecast … “Heck of a burst of snow early tomorrow morning for the beaches up through southern Jersey. A lot of lift in the atmosphere with the cold clashing against the warmer Atlantic. Not sure how much would stick to road surfaces though.”

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Driving in snow can be an issue for anyone. Did you know airing down can help you in slippery surface snows? You get more traction from a wider tire footprint and less digging in just like in sand. However here is the rub, the only issue driving with deflated tires in snow becomes more dangerous on solid clear pavement. That is the only issue with airing down for snow or ice. Once you get patchy snow and ice on t he roads air back up, and don’t do this if you aren’t carrying a small compressor or have access to one.
Also four wheel drive does not mean four wheel stop.
Keep warm and these overcast days would be good to get some surf fishing in for striped bass. Because who doesn’t want to surf fish in a blizzard.

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