Seals Showing Up At Masseys Landing


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Seal At Masseys Landing this week

I saw a seal today at Masseys Landing, and Scott and Suzanne saw him on Sunday.  Both sightings were at different times and tides so I don’t think there is a pattern or particular time they are showing up.  Last year you could have set your watch by them.  I remember this guy sat next to me on this bench and looked at me and said … “You know I’m down here because of you.  See that lady over there, that’s my wife and she really wants to see a seal.  When do you think they will be here?”  I said the show starts at  3:15.  He just looked at me and I assured him I was not being a smart alec. Sure enough the seal popped up at 3:14 and didn’t make a liar out of me.  They were showing up on the same tide an hour ahead each day.  So I announced the next show will be tomorrow at 4:15, leave fifty dollars admittance at the entrance, and jumped in the truck and headed home.  You can see the evidence that seals have been down there, the grass on the other side of the ditch is matted down in the same spots.  I’m just not sure what time they are showing up, today was around 3 PM Sunday they saw him at 2 PM, and this was on different tides.  Last year if you remember we had upwards of seven seals at one time across the ditch sunning on the banks.  I have no idea if the whole crew will show back up this year, or of this little guy is flying solo.

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