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This is the last sand spike you will ever purchase. Dave “Tank” Moore started building these sand spikes and other items a few years ago. I recently picked one up at the Millville VFC Outdoorsman Marketplace. He also builds sand flea and shark tooth rakes, surf racks for your beach vehicle, and the pack mule. This product is used for carrying your sand spikes and rods onto the beach for you walk on anglers. Soo Phat Outfitters is constantly adding to and testing new products with their development team.

Soo Phat Outfitters Sand Spike

Dave is an avid angler and knows what is needed for his products. This sand spike is five feet long, and has a needed feature for many surf anglers, a step to push it into the sand. You can also rock it back and forth to sink it as well, but the stones that build up on some of our beaches make that difficult. The adjustable rod holder is key for the variety of rod butts on the market. He can also make you any custom sized spike, I have seen these upwards of six feet long. Many avid surf anglers use these for the bigger fish they target, including sharks. This rod holder once set in sand is not going anywhere.

Soo Phat Outfitters Sand Spike step for sinking it in the sand
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The rod holder doesn’t restrict grabbing the surf rod to set the hook. You can just pull back on the rod if you need to and set. Lifting the rod out of the holder while you are seeing a nibble or strike doesn’t scare off the fish. You can check out Soo Phat Outfitters this year at the Delmarva Outdoors Expo and online at their website, Soo Phat Outfitters. The best part about Dave’s product is he will custom build anything to suit the anglers needs. Everything is made on location in his shop, he is a stickler for quality control.

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Soo Phat Outfitters Sand Spike is solid construction with this adjustable rod holder
Soo Phat Outfitters custom surf rack

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