Sand Eels are in the surf … everywhere

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Sand Eels in the surf today .. photo by Matt Bomberger

The new profile of the beaches has been amazing to observe the last few days.  If you want to know how the bottom under the surf looks, go to a beach right now in Delaware at low tide.  What you will see may just show you a few things you have always wondered.  If you really want a treat stay there for the entire incoming tide.  The beaches in Fenwick Island and Bethany drive on today were very carved up and steep.  The cuts and sand bars are huge.  In fact we have 2 sets of sandbars in some places and in some spots you will sink to your knees in soft sand.  All of the beaches are loaded with sand eels too, pure striped bass candy.  Now we just need the fish (striped bass fall runners) to show up, we have the perfect fishing conditions for them.  Lots of food, and perfect sand bars to fish.  Steve and I worked the surf in Fenwick a bit today, he almost had a nice redfish on a plug but it didn’t take the hook.  I threw metals but mostly took video and pictures of the beach.  I just uploaded a video of today on the DSF U tube channel.  As Steve said, the place looked like a washing machine.  Water was going in all directions.  The contours of the beach will change daily, but for now we have some serious crazy surf out there.  The drop off is smooth but at least ten feet tall at dead low tide.  I was shocked when I first drove onto the beach.  I was not prepared to see that craziness.  A few commented on one video I posted that it looks like the Outer banks.  They are dead on with that description.  I have been out and about all day.  This morning the inlet was packed with toggers and a few boys were hitting shorty stripped bass (residents).  Small summer flounder are popping up in the surf for a few anglers.  We will see what the next few days brings.  I am eager to fish in the washing machine tomorrow, set to insane fishing and let her rip.

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