Rest Easy Joe Morris


Joe Morris, LewesHarbor Marina, delaware, sussex county
Joe Morris in 2013 looking at the State record swordfish, contemplating how he is going to clean that beast.

   It has been a sad day in the Delaware fishing community.  Joe Morris, owner of Lewes Harbor Marina passed the other day.  He will be sorely missed by friends and family.  Joe was one of a kind, there are so many great stories people have of growing up around the docks, hanging around the cleaning table, and just visiting the store.  I have so many of my own stories about just hanging around the shop and the fish cleaning table … talking with Joe.  In this picture he was about  to clean the state record swordfish a few years ago, I asked him if he was going to use a saw-z-all or a chainsaw, he just smiled, laughed, then said good question, and started working on that fish with a hacksaw and a huge knife.  You can see the expression on his face contemplating his next move, the man was an artist when it came to cleaning fish.  Last year during the bluefish run Corby and I took our fish to Joe, because we always take our fish there.  That day he took a small filet and cut it up into sashimi, told us to wait a minute, and came out of the shop with volcano sauce and soy sauce on a plate. We sat there and ate for an hour while he cleaned fish.  I am going to miss the days of hanging around the table talking to Joe, trading stories and telling lies.  Rest Easy Joe, you were one of a kind.

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