Rehoboth proposes Fines For Feeding Sea Gulls

Beach goers could face fines feeding sea gulls at Rehoboth Beach

The Rehoboth town council met recently and is proposing some new laws for the town. They are also going to uphold some older ones. One being feeding wild animals, adding sea gulls to the list. Apparently the Rehoboth Beach Animal Issues Committee want to revise some of the codes. This would include the keeping of farm animals in city limits. You would no longer be allowed keep your chickens at the beach house.

Also if these code changes go into effect dog owners could get a $250 fine for not cleaning up Fido’s mess. The leash law will also change from 8 feet to 6 feet. There will be an increased fine for vicious dogs too, that is for dogs that have already attacked or bitten another animal or person, more than once. Wait, who is walking Cujo around Rehoboth? Just take your dogs to the state park, no one cleans up after them there anyway.

two “seagulls” fighting over a Slim Jim
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For the residential farmers, I had no idea until this proposed code revision came up. Residents can keep cows, goats, sheep, hogs, horses, chickens, geese, ducks and other animals so long as they are in enclosed pens. So much for that Rehoboth Dairy farm and petting zoo I was planning near the boardwalk.

Gull feeding violators could be fined as low as $5 to $50 for feeding the flying rats. More violations will result in higher fines. I don’t know about you, but those birds are going to get more aggressive for Thrasher fires now. Not to mention start spreading more garbage from the cans around looking for food.
This proposal will include feeding any waterfowl at ponds, streams, lakes, the beach and boardwalk. As well as sea turtles and seals. Wait, who is feeding sea turtles?
I need to start going to more town hall meetings if they are this entertaining. The Reho Po Po is going to be really busy if this goes into effect. It is like a tradition for tourists to feed the gulls.

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Gull tearing up a trash bag at IRI this will be all over the place in no time

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