Rat Wrangling The Surf

striped bass, surf fishing, delaware seashore state park, sussex county
Andrew with the first bass of the day on a spoon.

During the beach clean up yesterday we watched a few anglers bailing striped bass. Lots of small bass but some up to 27 inches. There have been a few keepers caught up above the bridges on the Delaware river and up the Broadkill river. Because the fish are on the move already.

beach clean up, delaware state parks, delaware surf fishing, sussex county,
The clean up crew spread out with their buckets collecting trash.

The southside of the inlet to the poles on 3Rs has been hot for striped bass. Just the short surf rats, but they have been fun to catch. They are hitting bloodworms, but also hitting jigs, swim shads, and bucktails. You could probably bail two at a time with tandem bucktails or speck rigs.

sundial, flat fish, delaware, sussex county, surf fishing
Sundial caught on a spoon

It is easy to find the fish, just look for the osprey feeding on the surf, or at least a dozen people fishing. You can spread out, you don’t need to be on top of each other to get into the action. There were two hundred yards of beach with fish this morning and Sunday morning. “we have been out here since 6 am and have been bailing bass up to 27 inches”

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rockfish, surf fishing, striped bass, 3rs, delaware seashore state park,
Striped bass shorties in the surf Monday morning

Hardest part about beach clean ups this time of year is watching people fish and catch while you are walking the beach. It is also why I arrive at least two hours early for clean ups and fish until people show up. Like I need an excuse to go fishing, but these days it helps. Then again after an expo meeting today I may or may not have chosen a route home that went by the beach I wanted to fish, at 11 AM. Twenty fish in a half an hour is some fun catching.

striped bass, indian river inlet, south side beach, jetty, surf fishing, rockfish, striped bass, truck on beach
Must have been a hot bite, this guy drove right to the action.

Yesterday after the clean up we went back to 3Rs and fished the southern end near the walk on beach. Andrew shook the skunk finally with a short bass on a silver three ounce gator spoon. He even managed to catch a sundial working the spoon along the bottom in the front end of the surf. It wasn’t a fish every cast, and they weren’t hitting the bloodworms. Hours before that bloods were working just fine, fish can be finicky.

Fish On!
Rich King

rockfish, striped bass, line sider, delaware seashore state park, 3rs, sussex county, rat wrangling, surf rats, indian river inlet
Striped bass devouring the entire jig. pink and chartreuse

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