Rangers Raid Cape Beaches

For the second time in a month, and yes the title is to get your attention.
The Delaware State Park rangers, in full force, went along a surf fishing beach and checked every single vehicle.

Today was Cape Henlopen State Park at Herring Point Beach to Gordons Pond. I have no idea if they wrote any tickets. I do know they got a standing ovation from many surf anglers.

delaware state park rangers, sussex county
Rangers and park volunteers checking vehicles and surf fishing gear at Naval Crossing in June

This is great to see, mostly for the fact so many people complain they never see a ranger on the beach, today they got to see all of them, at once. “They had me reel in my line and show them what I was using. People were so happy (giddy) to see them doing this. People were clapping” Suzanne Martin

Most if not all of the people out there will remain because as far as the rules go, they are fishing or trying to, or faking it well enough. I keep telling people, be careful what you wish for, and today they saw it in force. “These little checks will continue throughout the summer and there isn’t a set schedule. We don’t know when we will be doing this or where.”

delaware, conquest beach, dssp, dsf, orv fishing, beach access, surf fishing, surf rod, fishing gear, walk on beach, state parks in delaware, sussex county
Summer Surf fishing in Delaware Seashore state park is packed

Not everyone fishes the same. That seems to be a large issue for some surf anglers. The “hardcore” don’t want anyone out there who doesn’t fish the same as them. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Personally I don’t give a flying flip what you do out there in your little space. Just don’t keep me from doing what I am trying to do, which is surf fish. Everyone fishing or not can enjoy and share those beaches.

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People can walk on set up and relax and you don’t have to fish. The summer crowds will never be relieved on the drive on beaches. The only way to make that happen is to limit the number of vehicles allowed on at one time. “I like to walk on here at cape, sit, relax, drink my beer, eat my sandwich, and watch these surf anglers try to catch a fish” … said the random walk on beach guy I talked to last year.

My best advice, meet your neighbors and have fun. If you spend all day pissed the guy next to you isn’t really fishing, guess what? He doesn’t care and you just ruined your day, not theirs, and calling a ranger won’t help you. The term, mind ya business comes to mind. No one wants anyone scrutinizing their every move out there, so why do it to others. Do unto others is another phrase that comes to mind.

delaware state park rangers, sussex county
Rangers and park volunteers checking vehicles for the proper gear and equipment at Naval Crossing in June

Rangers try to do weekly checks at drive on access. They will check vehicles before entering the beach. “Most times we do this we turn away about ten percent of the vehicles for one reason or another.”

Have fun, fish, follow the rules, respect your neighbors, most of all … enjoy the day. I mean you’re at the beach, can life get any better?
Surf Fish and Chill people

Fish On!
Rich King

Delaware State Park Rangers in force on the beach at Herring Point Sunday July 27th.

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