Puffers Added To Tournament List And Beach Conditions


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Chad Bayless with a 44.5 inch striped bass from the surf … location withheld for tournament

The annual Old Inlet Spring Surf Fishing Tournament is Saturday.  “Many are waiting to see how the weather does before they sign up, once this turns I expect to get bum rushed on Friday by people signing up”  said Clark Evans … “There are fish here, and when people get out we are seeing some nice fish.”  Puffers were added to the list since a lot of them are being caught the past couple of years.  People asked us to add them so we did, puffers have to be ten inches or better to score, deflated.”  Old inlet is loaded for the tournament with over six hundred pounds of bunker.  I checked out the beaches today and they don’t look too bad.  We do have a coastal flood advisory tonight, and the past two high tides have come up to the dune base.  Be careful out there during the incoming  tide. There is a large swale between Keybox  and Conquest.  Otherwise the beaches look fine for the tournament.  I have videos I took today that are linked below from the Facebook page.  High tide on Saturday will be around 9:45 AM should be a good day to fish the incoming into the outgoing tide for the tournament.

Some folks are having luck once they get out and fish.  Again it was tough today with heavy surf and winds.  Some fish did hit the sand today.  Broadkill  beach saw a nice thirty-three inch keeper striped bass.  There are very few people fishing.  I am sure we will see some nice fish hit the beach on Saturday.  Big blues and large striped bass is the hopeful for many competing but you would be surprised how a bucketful of kingfish can put you in the lead, and with the addition of puffer fish a bunch of small fish can beat out a couple large fish.  Don’t forget the bluefish Calcutta, those big yellow eyed devils are still here.  Black drum are also on the list for the spring and have to be sixteen inches or larger to score.  Get your gear tweaked and ready to roll because it is surf fishing tournament time.

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Good Luck everyone!

Fish On!!

Rich King

Keybox to Conquest … lower your volume it was windy

Conquest to Faithful Steward

Faithful steward to north side inlet

Southside to 3rs


Fenwick Island


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