Pompano Are Big This Summer

Surf Anglers Are Catching Big Pompano Surf Fishing Delaware Beaches

Pompano in Delaware caught surf fishing the last few days are much bigger than usual. They won’t be headed home once summer is over. No creel limits, eat all you want. These are the biggest ones we have seen in Delaware’s surf. Perfect size to grill and eat. Right at the beach, just clean the fish and grill.

Gut it first, and clean it out.  Wash out the cavity well and outside of the fish with cold water.  Then slice the skin in a criss-cross pattern.  You can season anyway you want.  If the pompano is big enough filet it, but cooking whole is the best bet, Especially with the smaller ones we are also catching in the surf.  These bigger pompano are still easier to cook whole.

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Anglers are catching them on the ocean beaches the most, but some have been caught at Delaware Bay beaches. Surf anglers at Broadkill Beach and Beach Plum Island state park have caught a few. Fishbite bloodworms work well with small hooks. DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rigs work great. Sand fleas and shrimp work well for pompano too, in Florida shrimp is the preferred bait.

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Pompano Andrew Kassner caught and grilled yesterday with his wings. A little yard bird and surf.

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