Plant A Tree For Mom This Mother’s Day, Stop Releasing Balloons

Parks mylar balloon fencing keeps them out of the dunes.

Many people release balloons on Mothers day for mom, obviously. This has become a tradition of sorts and it is a really bad thing for our environment and wildlife. If you want to do a memorial for Mom plant a tree in her honor, something you can see everyday and watch it grow. Put a memorial garden around the tree and then plant something each year. If she was into Monty Python buy and plant her some shrubbery.

balloons blow don't let them go, mylar balloons,
Nice cluster of balloons found on Mothers day

Last year we picked up over 45 balloons during Mothers Day. It was beach clean up day, because some ogre (me), scheduled a beach clean up day on Mother’s Day. I scheduled one for this year too, just to see how many balloons we find. Last year we did Keybox to Faithful Steward, this year will be Fenwick island, but all the beaches will get a drive by after last year’s mess .

kalmar nyckel, delaware, mylar balloons, sussex county, ocean consrvation, releasing balloons should be illegal
Captain Sharon Dounce on the Kalmar Nyckel retrieving a mylar balloon while the ship is underway.
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“Hunting Migratory Mylar Balloons”
Mother’s Day 2018, There was a heavy onshore wind and balloons were coming ashore in droves, then the wind would push them up the beach over the dunes. They were moving so fast they left a trail up the beach, we could follow it to collect the balloons in buckets. We even found huge clusters of balloons from a graduation celebration. The joke became the annual Mother’s Day balloon migration has started.

mylar balloon, mother's day, delaware, susssex county
Mother’s day balloon found on Mother’s day we found about 45 of these

Please find another way to honor mom this year, planting a tree is great idea. Helps with the environment and gives you a living memorial.
When you release a balloon to honor someone, you run the risk of killing wildlife, starting a fire, or choking out livestock. Google some of the detrimental things mylar balloons have caused. Also technically it is littering, because what goes up will come down. I find mylar balloons in the woods behind my house miles from any road. Captains find them at sea almost every trip they head out to fish, coast wide. It has become an epidemic of sorts. We average 20 balloons each beach clean up on only one section of beach each week. They usually get blown into the dunes or buried fast in sand.

Beach clean up starts at 9 AM Sunday at Fenwick Island bath house if you are interested. Weather pending, but we are going regardless, no balloons, we’ll fish.

Happy Mother’s Day
Rich King

indian river life saving station, mylar balloons, dunes, delaware, sussex county
Balloon cluster headed into the dunes Mother’s Day 2018.

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