Osprey Fly Into Lewes While Bunker Swim The Inland Bays


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Pair of osprey that arrived in Lewes .. photo by Jeff Weaver

Yesterday a pair of osprey were caught on camera by Jeff Weaver near the Lewes Boat ramp.  That is the first official picture of arriving osprey in Delaware I have seen.  They are basically on time since we usually see them arrive around St. Patricks Day.  Their arrival usually coincides with the shad showing up but so far we haven’t seen any, but that doesn’t mean they are not here.  However the herring are running the creeks and the bunker are showing up thick in the inland bays.  A few years ago we knew redfish, channel bass or red drum were here thanks to an osprey that caught one in the surf.  They are the best natural fish finders around.  The back bay temperatures are topping out at fifty eight degrees and hit fifty four degrees at Masseys Landing yesterday at low tide.  Since Masseys ditch  is closer to the inlet it is no surprise to have a lower temperature there than farther back in the inland bays.  Now the question is when will the migratory bass show up in Delaware waters.  The tributaries for the Chesapeake bay are starting to see large bass move into them, I have heard tell.  That includes tributaries in Delaware.  Short striped bass are also being caught in the back bays of Ocean City, MD.


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Bunker caught from the Inland Bays this morning.
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Now we just need the flounder to start showing up and we will be in business.  Minnows are gathering around bulkheads in the back bays.  Blue claw crabs are starting to come out of the mud.  They were feasting on the bunker along the bottom of the net in the picture.   We will be setting pots today to see what we can catch.  This cold front that moved in will drop the water temperatures a bit, but once nature gets it in her head to start up spring, most creatures seem to just roll with small temperature drops.  The peepers in the tax ditch near me didn’t seem to mind the cold snap last night.  I have killed three mosquitoes in the past twenty four hours in the house.  Not looking forward to the noseeums and soon green heads either but that is the nature of living near the coast.  The Gneux More Naughty Gnat spray takes care of all of those pests including the biting black marsh flies and it makes you smell like a cookie.  We have to take the good with the bad.  Soon everything will be in full swing and many are expecting to see fish earlier this year than last.  Now it is time to hit the surf this week and see what we can scare up out of the suds.  The ocean temperature is still around forty five degrees which is still a little chilly for the fish to start moving, but you won’t know unless you go.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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