ORB lab is missing acoustic receivers due to ice flow

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ORB lab Acoustic receiver, if you see one of these contact the University of Delaware Phone: (302) 831-2792

Heads up everyone if you are beach combing, you might run across one of these acoustic receivers.  These are the same receivers that pick up the signals from the sharks we tagged the past 2 years.  The ice on the bay pulled some of these from their moorings.  The Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing, Biogeography Lab (ORB lab) folks are hoping some of these wash up on the beach this spring.   The receivers record data that is important for many different people’s research projects on the biology of the Delaware Bay.  If you happen to find one please contact he University of Delaware …  Phone: (302) 831-2792.

The bay ice moved a lot of things around, two weeks ago I took a picture of a buoy in front of Cape Henlopen weather station crossing, turns out that buoy was from Delaware city.  Anglers, watermen, and boaters are not the only people who are tired of this ice.  Cape Cod is seeing icebergs on beaches the size of small cottages.  Now we just need the water to warm up so we can fish, and enjoy the spring.

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