Offshore Weather Tower Coming To Ocean City Maryland

US Wind will install a weather tower (meteorological tower MET) off the coast of Ocean City , Maryland

On August 10th a barge left Louisiana carrying the mast for the meteorological tower, MET. It is expected to arrive on site sometime in late August. After the arrival of the barge, installation is expected to take ten to fourteen days. The lift boat Great White is also en-route to complete the installation of the MET.

Local mariners are asked to stay five hundred meters from the construction or installation area until completion. There will be more notices posted as the project progresses.

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Offshore lease Maryland and location of the MET tower

The meteorological tower (MET tower) installation work will be located at 38° 21′ 09.88920″ N / 74° 45′ 12.76560″ W, about 15 miles offshore in about eighty feet of water.

US Wind has a fisheries-specif timeline update, and The pre-installation MET mast FAQ sheet online.

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An angler was quoted as saying .. “Cool, now I’m not going to have to drive all the way to North Cacalacky (Carolina) to jig AJs! ”
You will be able to fish this structure, now we will need more for all the boats that do want to fish that area. The wind farm turbines will take care of that eventually.

You should read about the ongoing offshore wind project off the coast of Maryland on the BOEM website. This is all being done in federal waters. Some are not happy with these wind farms offshore. The fishing is expected to be off the hook, once the installations are complete. There are many anglers that say the wind turbines off Block Island up north are amazing fisheries now. Commercial anglers do not like these farms or structures for obvious reasons. Look up Anglers for Offshore Wind Power and make up your own mind.

meteorological tower, weather tower, offshore wind farm, us wind, maryland, ocean city
MET Tower or meteorological tower (weather tower) to be installed off the coast of Maryland.

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