Ocean Sunfish in Rehoboth Bay


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Ocean Sunfish … photo by Cathy Fluharty

Attention boaters … Just a heads up but an ocean sunfish or Mola Mola has been spotted in the Rehoboth bay today by Cathy Fluharty, I just saw this sunfish I’m in Rehoboth bay near maker 7-8.  It is possible this is the same one people have been seeing the past couple of weekends.  Just be wary of  this one out there, running it over with a boat would be bad for its survival and possibly your boat.  I am more concerned for the creature, you can replace boat parts.  If you see this creature please give it some space and allow it to enjoy our waters as you would.  They feed on Jellyfish, but also feed on squid, crustaceans, small fish, fish larvae, and eel grass .  I am assuming it is feeding on the latter since the water is not warm enough for jelly fish.  The water in the bay probably has enough food for this sunfish and hopefully he will find  its way back to the open ocean.  They are more of an open water dwelling creature.  this is not the first time we have seen an  ocean sunfish in the inland bays.   Just keep a wary eye out for this big fellow and any other creatures for that matter when you are boating.


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Photo from Stephen Corrado … dead turtle from discarded fishing line
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Also the other day a photo was sent to us of a dead turtle that was obviously caught up in some fishing line that was left behind.  Stephan Corrado sent us this message … “I took these photos today at Lewes Canal. I thought you might be interested, as it’s an example of what happens when fisherman don’t discard their line. Also a reason why we should always pick up stray line when we find it. ”  Very good advice and great to see people are concerned for our sea creatures.  The turtle also had a crushed area on the back of its shell.  Please dispose of your fishing line properly and try to avoid leaving a lot of line from snags.  This “ghost” line can be very detrimental to marine animals and birds.  If you see an animal/mammal  (not fish) in distress please contact the MERR organization … 302 228 5029  … a text message is the best way to contact them and please include as much information as possible.  Reporting a dead animal is also requested so they can be logged, buried, and possibly cause of death determined.   a large sea turtle was on Lewes beach last week and had been hit by a ship’s propeller, that was the determined cause.  Just a quick heads up for anyone asking or concerned.    Have a great weekend!

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