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Greetings All,
Did a couple reef monitoring trips this year with world-class underwater videographer Nick Caloyianis. This last trip I was also fortunate to have friend of reef building and life-long diver, Capt Ted Green along.
With nearly zero visability nearshore along the Maryland coast, we slipped off a bit further to Monk’s Reef at the Great Eastern and, later, Sue Power’s Memorial Reef at Jackspot.

oc reef foundation, artificial reefs, ocean city, maryland, atlantic ocean reefs
underwater videographer Nick Caloyianis .. OC Reef Foundation

There are many more pics on Facebook – just search Ocean City Reef Foundation.

Monk’s is a cable reef from the switch to fiber optic cable years ago and built, along with many others, while MD was still running a reef program. Aging now some 25 years, it is well grown in, of course, with lots of mature mussel and some sea whip.

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oc reef foundation, artificial reefs, ocean city, maryland, atlantic ocean reefs, sue powers reef
Sue Powers reef … Ocean City Reef Foundation

News of the NYCTA rail cars being ‘completely gone’ at Sue Power’s is a bit premature – it’s a great reef. Only on the bottom ten years, there was a lot of growth including the start of some sea whip colonization.
While our dive community prefers sunken boats & barges, these are two of our most heavily fished reefs. They’ve contributed many a frying pan full of sea bass & flounder over the years..

The Ocean City Reef Foundation is always on the lookout for new material. We have several small tugs & a 500 ton load of boulder in the works for this fall.
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Monty Hawkins

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