Oak Orchard To Receive Drainage Upgrades

oak orchard flooded
Oak Orchard flooded at River Road and “2 Mile Road” or route 5

Oak Orchard will get better drains soon for flooding from tidal waters and heavy rains.  When I first lived there I was told when the water comes up to the old liquor store we are fine, but if it comes up this road we have to get out of here. It is the “norm” down there, we were used to it flooding all time.  If there was a coastal flood advisory there would be water in three areas that always flood first.  This new drainage proposal will help drain water faster.  That was the biggest problem, coastal tidal flooding will always flood there and everyone was used to that, but the fact the water could not drain fast enough was the real issue.  You can’t live that close to tidal waters and not experience a little flooding now and again.  That is a way of life near tidal waters.  A few years ago we had a deluge of rain that flooded the entire neighborhood, the drains could not keep up and the floodwaters eventually found the little boat ramp near the Dunn Residence at the end of “2 mile road”.  Once the water started to flow out of the boat ramp it eroded away a good thirty feet of land.  Had the Dunn’s not sand bagged certain areas their whole house could have washed into the bay.   We found a lot of old items in the bay after this happened. Upgrades proposed at 3 million dollars will include new culvert pipes replaced with thirty to thirty six inch pipes, as well as new storm drains and regrading drainage areas and swales.

Fish On!

Rich King

These are videos of during, and after the flood that eroded away that boat ramp.  This ramp is used today for small craft, kayaks, and by the fire department.

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