Northside Parking Lot is Now Open at IRI


northside parking lot, indian river inlet, charles w cullen bridge, delaware seashore state park, indian river coast guard station
Northside parking lot … photo by Steve DiGirolamo

The northside parking lot at the Indian River Inlet is now open.  The  temporary parking lot next to the Indian River Coast Guard Station is closed.  The work on the new RV campground is progressing nicely, and work will soon start on the temporary parking lot to turn that into RV camping as well. .  The new parking lot, for those that do not know is next to the Charles W Cullen bridge where the original parking lot used to be located.  Once you enter the access road to the Indian River Inlet the parking lot entrance is located just before the curve to take the access road towards the marina parking lot.  The parking lot across from the center for the Inland bays is still open and is a good place to park for access to bubble gum beach.  There is an iron ranger there to pay for parking, that is the grey box where you put the payment envelopes.  This is the spill over parking lot where the DelDot trailers were located during the bridge construction.  Good to see the progress of the construction at the Indian River Inlet.  The southside primitive camping area has been open for a while, and there is ample parking at the southside for the beach and inlet access.

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