Nor’easter Showers Bring Mylar Flowers


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Mylar Flower in its natural state. Fresh bloom during the last nor’easter seen on route 1.

Last weeks nor’easter rocked us a good bit, but we survived.  When you live at the coast you get used to bad coastal storms it is part of the way of life here.  Like living on the west coast and dealing with earthquakes, and droughts. 

 The wildlife here at the beach is used to this weather and will react accordingly.  Marshes flood and the deer go to Rehoboth to shop.  Foxes start dumpster diving in all the posh neighborhoods.  Some of the wildlife needs these storms to emerge.  Just Like wildfires created by candle lit lanterns is necessary to help pop seed casings from some trees and plants.

    The Mylar flower bushes along route 1 in Delaware Seashore State park are blooming.  If you get lucky you will see one after it blooms, they don’t last long because the flowers are released into the air to spread their seed across the globe.   Nor’easters are a trigger for these blooms.  It takes a lot of strong wind to push these bushes into bloom.  Then while the winds are still in full force, the Mylar flower is released into the surrounding environment. 

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Mylar flowers caught up in power lines, arcing sparks. These will never grow and be a hazard until a lineman can remove them.

Some have traveled hundreds of miles where they become an alternate food source for cattle.  If they move out to sea marine life is treated to a wonderful last meal.  When they wrap around electrical poles the light show can be amazing, since they can also conduct electricity.  We find many of them stranded on the beaches during the clean ups, they are usually stripped of their color and deflated.  Dead to the world, never to spread their seed again.

    If you happen to see a Mylar Flower, pick it, take it home, and put it in the trash.  They are a deadly new plant life we could do without.   

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Rich King 


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