New Bathrooms at Northside Get Trashed


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Northside Bathroom full of trash … photo from Thomas Mack

Over the holiday weekend, Thomas Mack sent us pictures of trash he saw piled up in the northside bathroom at the Indian River Inlet.  These are the new bathrooms that were built as part of the improvements to the north side.  It is sad to see people using the bathroom as a trash receptacle. Thomas also said all of the soap dispensers were broken.  Not long after the Henlopen pier was reopened it was covered in trash bags and I interviewed Doug Long DSSP park Superintendent about why the parks would not set up trash cans.  Bottom line was people who litter don’t use the cans anyway, the trash attracts animals and bugs, and people were using them for their personal trash from home.  When that article was posted with pictures, as usual this started some arguments on Facebook from the usual race remarks to armchair enthusiasts that just like to cause trouble.  Then there are  the ones who want to blame the tourists.  The fact is litterbugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds.  The solution is simple, people need to take their trash with them and people who see others littering need to either call the ranger dispatch number (302) 739 4580, or get their license plate number and then call the rangers.  You can always call them out, but you never know how the person(s) will react.    If people can manage to carry all of that heavy stuff in why is it so hard to take it our when it weighs twenty times less?   I think the parks should put up a huge effort to bust a few of these people and then make public examples out of them, shaming sometimes can help alleviate these issues.  Maybe put up cameras and bust litterbugs that way.  Maybe we just ask them to ban anyone from bringing anything into the parks, that would include bags of bait.  Bottom line a few as usual are going to mess it up for the many.

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