May The Fish Be With You Surf Fishing Tournament

The second annual May The Fish Be With You Surf Fishing Tournament is on May 2nd.

These are the rules and details for the second annual May The Fish Be With You Surf Fishing Tournament. May 2, 2020.
  You can register now for May The Fish Be With You on Stub Central. I highly recommend Stub Central to anyone who is using ticketing services for any events, it is a great local company.
Walk in anglers can sign up at Icehouse Bait and Tackle, located at 18388 Coastal Highway.
May The Fish Be With You is limited to 300 anglers.
May The Fish be With You T-shirts
May The Fish Be With You Hoodies are available at DS Custom Tackle

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May The Fish Be With You T Shirts 2020

Our awards venue sponsor is Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant on route 1 (coastal highway).
We will gather there on the front deck outside, starting about 4 pm on May 2nd and have an awards ceremony at 5 PM. 
We will also have a costume contest.  Because a lot of my crazy friends who love to have fun decided they were wearing Star Wars costumes. 
Chris “Whammy” Ranney …”I am wearing a trash can and coming as a droid.  
Me … ” That sounds great … Wait. What, Why?  … 
Chris … “Oh yeah, you should talk to everyone they are all talking about wearing something.”
I just hope ya’ll wear clothes!  Costume contest it is … 
You are not required to wear a costume, you won’t lose points.  However it would be way too much fun to see the beach lined with costumes. 

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant
Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant Rehoboth Beach

The rules for this tournament are standard to all surf fishing tournaments. 
The rules are online and not in print, so we do not waste paper and you have less to recycle.  Please recycle your packets, that is why we use paper envelopes and not plastic bags.  We all have smart phones and can access the internet at a whim, paper is needed less these days.

May The Fish Be With You is 18 years old and older to enter. We are working on a kid’s division for this tournament. We will announce that if we work out the logistics. Parents are welcome to bring the kids with them and the whole family.

May The Fish Be With You T Shirts, sur fishing tournament, delaware surf fishing, hoodies
May The Fish Be With You Hoodies 2020

Entry fees will be $100 for all anglers, $5 of each entry will go to Frets 4 Vets.   
 You can purchase multiple tickets.
May The Fish be With You T-shirts
May The Fish Be With You Hoodies are available at DS Custom Tackle

Registration packet pick up location will be at Icehouse Bait and Tackle, located at 18388 coastal hwy.
It will be the week before May 2nd, starting Wednesday April 29th.  You can also sign up at the Delamarva Outdoors Expo the 24th to the 26th at the DS Custom Tackle Booth in the Dover Building. That is the also the cut off date for anyone to sign up.
May The Fish Be With You is limited to 300 anglers.

Tournament time …  
Surf fishing will start at 7 am and lines out of the water by 3 PM.  Anglers must turn in score sheets to the judges in their area.  We will have a several judges on the beach.  
All anglers must have a Delaware fishing license.  No license will result in disqualification.  Surf anglers have one license with their surf tag, only good for the registered owner of the vehicle, all other anglers with them must have a DE fishing license.  
Special event surf tags are available from parks, and are 45 in state and 90 out-of-state for the one day.  They will be available the day of the event and during registration packet pick up.

DS Custom Tackle
DS Custom Tackle
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Walk on anglers may fish where ever they like in Delaware Seashore State Park from Keybox Beach access to Faithful Steward (to the sign we will post), and on 3Rs. Walk on anglers may fish anywhere on any of the beaches, including in front of Big Chill Beach club. No one may fish within 75 yards of the southside inlet. You can not fish northbeach at the inlet that is the surfers beach.
3Rs … Drive on anglers will be limited to the first walk over access at the southside parking lot for fishing 3Rs. There will be a sign and a judge parked there. We are asking parks if we can drive further north on 3Rs for this tournament. That is pending on any changes to beach conditions and is parks final call up to the day of the tourney. No one can fish from the Southside Jetty that is off-limits

Only two rods in use at any time per angler.
Rigs may have no more than two hooks.  

Anglers may have more than two rods with them, but may only fish with two rods at one time.  You can bait fish one line (rod) and cast lures with the other rod, however you would like to fish.  You can cast lures with two rods, but we want video of that.   
Fish can only be caught on hook and line.  No noodling bluefish in the wash, we want video of that too, and you’ll get a free ride to the hospital.
  Angler who catches the fish must land the fish.  Assistance by netting o a fish is allowed, but only if the fish is visible to a judge on the beach.  We will have several judges.  You can not gaff any fish. It is hard to release a dead fish.

Fishbites DSF’s newest tournament and event sponsor

Anglers are advised to bring a bucket or container to keep their catch alive.  There is an extra point added for a released fish.  Judges will determine if the fish was released alive and well.  I recommend this time of year you use a large cooler or storage container.  A big striped bass (we hope) or those giant gator blues don’t fit in a 5 gallon bucket.
Only two rods in use at any time per angler.

Calcuttas … 
There will be a bluefish Calcutta for $20 all monies go to the largest bluefish.  In the event of a tie the money will be given to the first fish caught. There will not be a skating rink and dog pound Calcutta.

Scoring fish …  

We measure all fish to the center of the tail or the fork. This keeps any issues from discrepancies from missing tail sections.

Striped bass must be in the slot limit that will be set by this tournament by DNREC in a couple of months. Striped bass out of the slot limit will not be score-able, retaining an out of slot fish is illegal in the state of Delaware.

Points …
One point per inch, all measurements will be rounded down to nearest full inch.  All fish must meet minimum length requirements of Delaware creel limits.  One extra point for released fish.
If anglers tie on total points, the total fish caught will determine the winner. If this is still tied, then the points of the largest of each species of fish caught will determine the winner. If tie is still not broken, prize money will be divided.  (Or a fight to the death, whichever pleases the crowd.)  

In the event of storms or no fish.
If the beaches are closed due to a storm, we will have a rain date on May the 5th.  If that gets washed out we will draw numbers for winners in all divisions and still have an awards ceremony (party) at Iron Hill Brewery. 
 If no one enters a legal fish in the tournament we will have a drawing for prize categories.  Anglers will be given a raffle ticket at the awards ceremony.   We always draw raffle tickets at the awards ceremony for giveaways, you don’t want to miss a good time.
It takes a lot to cancel a surf fishing tournament, we do not stop or cancel for rain. It has to be really bad weather …  lightning and a full out gale before we will cancel.  So even if it is raining sideways, dress for the weather.  Tournament weather is always better the next day.  

*******  PRIZE DISCLAIMER …  This tournament’s prize money is based on 300 anglers signing up, if we get less than 300 anglers signed up, the  prizes will be adjusted accordingly.  For example if 150 anglers register then first prize will be $5,000.  Second Prize $1,500, Third Prize $1,000 and so on.  

First Prize … $10,000 …  Bait Board Trophy
Second Prize … $3,000 … Bait Board Trophy
Third Prize … $2,000 … Bait Board Trophy
Fourth prize … $1,000 …
Fifth prize … $500 …
Sixth the twentieth place prizes … Prize packs TBA

There will be drawings for additional giveaways at the awards ceremony Awards start at 5 pm.

Biggest fish …  $500 and TBA

Calcutta …   $20 bluefish entry …. based on number of people that sign up for the calcutta, we pay out all monies taken in for any calcutta.
Calcutta monies will be collected when you pick up your registration packets at Icehouse Bait and Tackle.  We are not doing the skating rink and dog pound for this tournament, that is too much work for the judges for this type of tournament.  

I will have 20 judges in teams of 2’s busy watching all of the anglers and dealing with fish.  We will have others helping the judges and watching everything.  Any discrepancies will be decided by the tournament organizer(s), namely me and my judges.  If you are caught cheating you will be disqualified immediately, no exceptions, no second chances, and asked to leave the tournament area. Unsportsmanlike conduct will get you disqualified as well. An example would be cutting a neighbors line.

Fish and size requirements for May The Fish Be With You

Anglers must follow all creel limits and Delaware fishery laws.
Fish species and size requirements …
Always check the score sheet on the back before the tournament to make sure you know the fish sizes that can score!  

Bluefish … 14 inches
Croaker … 8 inches
Weakfish … 13 inches
Black Drum … 16 inches

Red Drum 20 to 27 inches can be scored. You cannot keep or score a fish out of the slot. Doing so would be illegal possession of a fish in the state of Delaware and you could be fined by DNREC. 27 inch red drum will score 28 inches for the release

Flounder … 16.5 inches

Striped bass … 28 to 35 inches. Pending Delaware State creel limits yet to be set officially. No fish out of the slot can be scored. It is illegal to retain a fish out of the slot limit in the State of Delaware

Speckled Trout … 12 inches
Northern Pufferfish … 8 inches
Kingfish … 11 inches

****** Red drum and striped bass out of the slot range must be released. Retaining these fish is considered possession and is illegal in the state of Delaware. Allowing this to happen would be promoting you to break the law. *****

Everyone have a good time, and ..
May The Fish Be With You

Rich King

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