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Resident striped bass have been schooling up now ever since the water started warming up. Usually when the white perch start feeding heavily the striped bass are mixed in as well. For a couple of weeks the fishing has been sporadic, but if you know where to fish you can find short striped bass all day or night long. The fish are fat and feeding heavily. The bass that are ready to join the migration could literally leave our waters any day now.

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Masseys Ditch temperatures over the past week

Every year this happens, it is just at different times each year. What are the trigger is an age old argument, bait, water temperatures, or the full moon. I think it is a combination of all. Once mother nature decides to start moving around for spring things just start happening.

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Fish the grass banks when the water is this high and the tide is outgoing. Bait fish will drop into the water. Striped bass schools will sit there and feed on them, especially along small rips and the outlets of sloughs or creeks.
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Masseys Ditch was hitting fifty-two degrees plus at the beginning of the week and over last weekend. Now it has leveled out to peaking around forty-eight and only dropping to forty-five. The fish have the feed bag on, and once they start they don’t stop, they just slow down a little. We are looking at cooler temperatures over the next few days. That will affect the fishing.

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Short striped bass (rat) action in the surf the other day.

Fish near structure on the outgoing tide is usually the best. Especially at the Indian River Inlet, and any inlet for that matter. The back bays are hot in the rips and along grass lines or march beds. Indian River in Cupola park has seen some decent action. Canary creek in Lewes and the canal, as well as further up Broadkill river. Some keepers have been caught up that way. Augustine beach up north has been decent action. The usual places are heating up all along the Delaware bay.
You have to be there when the fish are schooling up in that area, there isn’t a magic formula, just get out and fish. I prefer the outgoing tide along the grass banks and the incoming tide around inlets and structure. Just seems to work best for me, but to each his own.

Two ounce bucktails, or swim shads for lures, bloodworms for bait is the best spring fishing you can do right now. Fly anglers will choose anything that mimics grass shrimp or small bait fish.

Fish On!
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