Land Shark Teeth Showing Up On Delaware Beaches


landshark teeth, beach combing
Landshark teeth … just a pair
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The beaches took a beating but will recover.  In the mean time the beach combing has been excellent for those lucky enough to get out there at dead low tides.  Every tide change the sand shifts more, exposing and burying all kinds of treasures.  In some cases these treasures are trash, but entertaining non the less.  I have found all kinds of sea glass, drift wood in all shapes and sizes, pottery,coral, bones old and new, shells of all types by the thousands, and some land shark teeth.  Those are the funniest finds.  Something about a set of dentures just sitting on the beach makes you laugh.  Apparently many agree because that has been one of the most popular posts on the Facebook page the last couple of days.

The Point Yesterday … 

Full set of Landhark teeth
Full set of Landhark teeth

If you want to learn how to read a beach you need to go at dead low tide and see the cuts and tide pools when they are empty.  That profile is a bit exaggerated from heavy waves, but the profile cut into the beach is what the area under the water looks like.  Sandbars with cuts, and pools or holes are the structure you want to fish and you can see that structure after any storm at the beach.  Storm Jonas really cut some deep profiles into the beach.  I am sure there is a reason but it would seem the towns could rebuild the dunes with the sand in front of their beaches right now.  The beaches are probably a hundred yards wider than ever before at low tide, that is all the sand from the dunes.  I would think it would be a good idea to bulldoze up that sand to build some dunes back and let the sea put the sand back like it does naturally. Instead of just replenishing the beaches by dredging and burying what is there now.  If you are going to use a band-aid to protect the coast with built dunes bulldozing now seems like an easier and cheaper way to rebuild them, but that is just my opinion.


conquest, cut inbeach, low tide, how to read a beach
Heavy cut at Conquest at low tide taken at 3 PM … Beth Feigely

The beaches will recover, and I am sure by the weekend all drive on beaches will be open.  For now the same is open that was opened the other day … Keybox, 3Rs, Cape Henlopen except navy crossing, and York crossing in Fenwick Island is open.  Beach Plum drive on is still closed but the parking lot is open.  The air station at Keybox was not working this morning it looked like it was submerged in water.  We are looking at an Indian summer weekend and for the beginning of next week with temperature sin the high fifties to sixty degrees.   A good winter beach day.  Fishing is going to be dogs and skates but still fun to get out and try.  Also you never know what you will find washed up on the beach.  Everyone keeps asking where is the best place to go and honestly all of the beaches have treasures on them.  The northern beaches have less shells, and more driftwood.  Sea glass is everywhere, just look in the wash areas full of stone.

Fish On!!

Rich King

DSSP Today … (hight tide)

DSSP Today … Key Box to Faithful Steward  (high tide)

Tides Indian River Inlet …

01/28 Thu 04:45 AM -0.07 L
01/28 Thu 11:18 AM 2.5 H
01/28 Thu 05:21 PM -0.01 L
01/28 Thu 11:41 PM 2.2 H
01/29 Fri 05:30 AM 0.1 L
01/29 Fri 11:55 AM 2.35 H
01/29 Fri 05:59 PM 0.1 L





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