Kings And Lings With Tuna on The Side


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Kingfish at 3Rs …. Jason Schuster

The southern kingfish are showing up more, mostly on the southern beaches.  From 3rs to Fenwick Island has been the best catches.  Bloodworms has been the bait of choice but squid or small pieces of clam should work as well.   Still a little cold for fishbites to dissolve efficiently, but you can try them.  I have seen some fat southern kingfish the last few days, the northern kingfish have a camouflage looking pattern.  A few of kingfish make for great table fare.  They are also known as whiting and sea mullet in the south.   Small sand fleas work great for bait as well, you will have to dig for those.  Mostly we have seen just the larger fleas, but they will start making little ones soon.  Skates and dogfish are thick in the surf and anglers are starting to snag spawning horsehsoe crabs that are paired up and attached to one another.  Please be careful putting them back in the water do not grab them by the “tail”, which is called a telson and is used to help them steer in the water and flip themselves over.  Just grab them by the side of the shell and place them in the water, do not throw them into the water.  Puffer action is still happening in the surf hitting bloodworms on top and bottom rigs.


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Ling or Spotted Hake … Mark Lucas

The drum action slowed down on Broadkill Beach but there are fish out there and farther north.  Everyone has been getting their bait stolen by lots of small hits. Turns out the ling or spotted hake are in thick and hammering your baits.  They are any where from six to eight inches ling.  Catch a bunch of them at a decent size and they make for a great meal.  They are slimy little buggers.  They also make great bait either chunked or live line  one and see what happens.  Striped bass and bluefish will hit them.  They are being caught as far up as Port Mahon from the fishing pier.  They will hit any baits from cut squid or fish to bloodworms and artificial baits.  Use top and bottom rigs to target them, but I have seen them get hooked on striped bass rigs on eight aught hooks.

Tuna action is finally in the canyons for Delaware and Maryland Anglers.  North Carolina boats have been doing well and finally anglers in our area were able to get out.  Near the Poormans and Baltimore canyon areas is where anglers found bluefin , yellow fin, and false albacore.  Lot of sharks out there ambushing baits.  Good to see the tuna finally turn on so the offshore anglers can get into some action now.


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Horseshoe crabs jammed up in a rig … Jason Schuster

The bluefish action has been random and those fish are already as far north as mid to northern Jersey.  Last year at this time they were thick in our surf, bays, and inlets.  So far this year has been more of a tease than a repeat of last year.  That doesn’t mean they will not come back in like last year, it just hasn’t happened yet. Last year was an anomaly, because those fish should not have been here like that.  We will have to wait and see how that goes.  In the mean time just go fish and see what happens.  Migratory striped bass are slowly starting to show up in the Delaware Bay but not the heavy schools that we see during the run.  That has not happened yet.  Short striped bass action in the surf is still pretty hot in many areas.  These fish are twelve to twenty four inches, but mostly in the smaller range.

Flounder are being caught in the shallows of many water ways and back bays.  You have to put inthe time but they are hitting.  That action will pick up soon.  We are still a week away form May and these early fish have been like a bumper crop.  It is getting people excited to go fishing, the action is here but it can take some time.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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